by Ray Edel, NorthJersey.com

It’s all fun and games until your coworker’s poodle takes a “doodle” under your desk.

For this year’s annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day” June 20, here are some alternatives for celebrating the holiday without having to remember to bring the doggy bags in.

Pet360’s chief pet parenting expert Rose Hamilton offers six ways every pet lover can celebrate with their furry friends regardless of their company’s pet policy:

  1. Organize a doggy play date during lunch: Just because your office doesn’t allow pups inside for a special day doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time with your canine friend during your lunch break. Get together with some coworkers and organize a doggy play date at a local park or a colleague’s house. Make sure your boss approves of a longer lunch break, and go home and pick up your pooch for some midday fun.
  2. Fundraise for a local animal shelter: If your office isn’t pet-friendly, you can still celebrate the day by organizing a fundraiser for a local animal shelter. Ask coworkers to participate in a 50/50 raffle or a food drive to raise money and supplies for a rescue that is located near your office. It will foster goodwill within your community and help animals in need.
  3. Attend a yappy hour: In the summer, many bars and restaurants with outdoor seating allow dogs to sit and dine with their owners. Some bars even organize special “yappy hour” events and serve pet-friendly food and “cocktails” to canine patrons. Look for a local restaurant that hosts yappy hour and make plans to attend with your work friends after a long day at the office.
  4. Monitor your pet’s behavior: If you can’t bring your dog with you, just monitor his movements at home so you feel like you’re connected to your canine throughout the day. Specialty systems such as the Heyrex Dog Monitor allow you to track your dog’s movement, activity and food intake, while other soon-to-be-released systems such as PetCube will allow voice and video connectivity for when you’re away.
  5. Bring in doggy bags for coworkers: If you know your colleagues are also pet parents, you can bring them in small gift bags as a way to celebrate. Spend some time in the evenings baking and decorating some homemade dog treats. Get some celluloid bags from a craft store and place a few treats in each. Decorate the bags and distribute them during Take Your Dog to Work Day.
  6. Cook your pooch a special breakfast: Get up extra early and make your dog breakfast in bed. And we’re not talking about regular kibble—make your pooch a meal he’ll remember. You can make some tasty dog biscuits with steel cut oatmeal and blueberries or whip up a little bit of cottage cheese with flaxseed oil and strawberries as a yummy and healthy way to start the day. Spend the morning sipping your coffee and playing with your pup before you head off to work.